Reliability &
Quality in Design


Quality and Reliability of Data-Driven Business Applications: Methodology of Addressing Imbalanced Data Set Biases


Andrei Shcheprov ; Brady McMicken ; Mike Sturdevant ; Alan Cordell



Data Envelopment Analysis Applications for Effectiveness Assessment of Industry Impact into National Financial System


Dmitry G. Zaytsev ; Valentina V. Kuskova



Application of Recurrent Neural Networks to Covariate Software Defect Prediction


Fatemeh Salboukh ; Priscila Silva ; Vidhyashree Nagaraju ; Lance Fiondella



Digital Engineering-driven Software Quality Assurance-as-a-Service


Kazuhira Okumoto



Research on Rapid Construction Method of Reliability Target Load for Electric Drive System Based on Vehicle State Parameter Optimization


Zhen Wang ; Sicheng Deng ; Songlin Zheng ; Lihui Zhao ; Dongdong Zhang ; Shuo Weng



Availability in Human Order Picking Systems: An Empirical Study on Worker's Performance Profile


Nicola Berti ; Alessandro Persona ; Ilenia Zennaro



Experimental Analysis of Lithium-ion Battery Degradation with Varying Discharge Rates


Rui Wang ; Mengmeng Zhu



Evaluating the Machine Availability of Machine Repair Problem with Two Failure Modes under Working Vacation Policy


Chia-Huang Wu ; Dong-Yuh Yang ; Min-Hui Ko



Assess the Reliability of a Multistate Air Travel Network in Response to Group Demand


Thi-Phuong Nguyen ; Yi-Kuei Lin



Condition Monitoring of CNC Machines: Machining Process Classification Through Temporal Convolutional Networks


Francesca Calabrese ; Alberto Regattieri ; Matteo Gabellini ; Alice Caporale ; Pasquale Epifania



Reliability Assessment for Corroded Pipes Based on MFL Inspection


Yinuo Chen ; Zhigang Tian ; Haotian Wei ; Shaohua Dong



An Efficient Discrete-Time Method for Time-Variant Reliability of Monotonic and Antimonotonic Series and Parallel Systems


Gordon J. Savage ; Young Kap Son



Fuzzy Test for Taguchi Capability Index with Asymmetric Tolerances


Kuen-Suan Chen ; Chun-Min Yu



Bayesian Inference on the Multicomponent Stress-Strength Model under Type-I Hybrid Censoring


Tzong-Ru Tsai ; Yulong Lio ; Jyun-You Chiang ; Ya-Wen Chang



An Adaptive Mechanism for Improving Sampling Plans in Lot Sentencing


Shih-Wen Liu ; Chien-Wei Wu ; Zih-Huei Wang



Fuzzy Evaluation Model for Operational Performance of Air Cleaning Equipment


Chun-Min Yu ; Kuen-Suan Chen ; Chi-Han Chen ; Yi-Xuan Chen



Reliability Assessment of Multistate Sustainable Logistics Networks Using Two-Stage Model


Kuan-Yu Lin ; Yi-Kuei Lin



Network Reliability for Stochastic-Flow Computing Network with Overall Edges Transmission Mechanisms


Ding-Hsiang Huang ; Cheng-Fu Huang ; Yi-Kuei Lin



Optimal Maintenance Policies of Wave-Dissipating Blocks using Cumulative Damage Model


Yunlong Dong ; Takahiro Nakamura ; Kodo Ito ; Yoshiyuki Higuchi



Reliability Analysis of a Server System with WAF


Mitsuhiro Imaizumi ; Mitsutaka Kimura



Optimal Scheme Models with Two Kinds of Errors


Kenichiro Naruse ; Toshio Nakagawa



Reliability Evaluation of Multi-State Consecutive-k Systems under the Inspection Strategy


Lei Zhou ; Hisashi Yamamoto



Modified Reliability Modelling with High-performance and Flexible Protocol


Mitsutaka Kimura ; Mitsuhiro Imaizumi ; Toshio Nakagawa



Reliability and Safety Analysis of Safety Critical Systems with Cascading Failures


Meiyu Tian ; Xujie Jia ; Xueying Song



Estimation of Stress-Strength Reliability from Unit-Burr III Distribution under Records Data


Yarong Yu ; Liang Wang ; Sanku Dey ; Jia Liu



Shared Bike Availability Ranking Approach without Failure Data


Yu Zhou ; Ran Zheng ; Gang Kou



A Degradation Model Indexed by Two Scales


Qingqing Zhai ; Yijing Zhou ; Jun Yang



A Hybrid Physical-Data-Driven Approach for Residual Stress Prediction in Peening Scenario


Butong Li ; Junjie Zhu ; Xufeng Zhao



Changes in People's Movement in Tourist Areas after COVID-19


Masahide Yamamoto



Trade-off Assessment between Model Adequacy and Complexity in Nonhomogeneous Poisson Process Software Reliability Growth Models Incorporating a Changepoint


Vidhyashree Nagaraju ; Shadow Pritchard ; Priscila Silva ; Lance Fiondella



NHPP Software Reliability Model with the Generalized Exponential Fault Detection Rate in the Operating Environments using the Gamma Distribution


Kwang Yoon Song ; In Hong Chang ; Hoang Pham



Application of Recurrent Neural Network to Software Reliability and Defect Prediction


Shadow Pritchard ; Timothy Flavin ; Vidhyashree Nagaraju ; Lance Fiondella



Operational Resilience for Networks with Common-Cause Failures and Priority Repair


Tetsushi Yuge ; Natsumi Takahashi



Reducing Search Space in the Topological Network Design Problem with a Reliability Constraint


Natsumi Takahashi ; Tetsushi Yuge



Balancing Maintenance Costs of Replacement Models


Satoshi Mizutani ; Xufeng Zhao ; Toshio Nakagawa



Optimal Warranty Length for a Multi-Component System with Failure Interaction


Minjae Park ; Bermawi K. Iskandar ; Ki Mun Jung ; Dong Ho Park



Quality Control and Consistency of AI Frameworks: Addressing Data Science Practice Misalignment Biases


Brady McMicken ; Mike Sturdevant ; Andrei Shcheprov ; Alan Cordell



Case Study : Reliability Analysis for Inventory Management for Repair Parts Based on Purchase Record


Hyun-Jong Park ; Si-Il Sung



Markov Analysis on Optimal Proof-Testing Interval for Safety-Related Systems


Shinji Inoue ; Takaji Fujiwara ; Shigeru Yamada



Real-time Vibration Signals Anomaly Detection of Load Motor Based on Deep Learning and One-Class Classification


Chia-Chien Tang ; Hung-Kai Wang



Quality Evaluation and Smart Decision-Making Improvement Model for Mobile Assistive Devices


Kuen-Suan Chen ; Chun-Min Yu ; Shui-Chuan Chen



Mechanical Fault Classification And Root Cause Analysis Based on Machine Learning and Explainable AI


Ya-Ting Lee ; Hung-Kai Wang



Creation of a Deep Learning-Based Model to Predict Reliability of a Distributed Network Owning Stochastic Capabilities


Ding-Hsiang Huang ; Ping-Chen Chang



Estimation of Uncertainties in Sample Results and Their Impact on Reliability Demonstration Tests


Tobias Leopold



Optimum Switch Self-Check Interval for Safety-Critical Device Mission Reliability


Fengbin Sun ; Matt Glassman



Cost-Availability Analysis for Redundant Systems with Spares Inventory and Emergency Repair


Tongdan Jin ; Emily Zhu Fainman ; Bin Xiao



Predicting Resilience with Neural Networks


Karen da Mata ; Priscila Silva ; Lance Fiondella



Monitoring the COVID-19 Spread via Regression Models with ARIMA Errors


Huifen Chen



Deep Residual Network for Remaining Useful Life Prediction


Chun Fai Lui ; Min Xie



Recommendation System Based on LLM and Collaborative Filtering


Wei-Shan Chang ; Mingchih Chen ; Ben-Chang Shia



A Neural Network for Covariate Software Reliability Model Selection


Brendan Thibault ; Caroline D'Amato ; Vidhyashree Nagaraju ; Lance Fiondella



Deep Learning Approach for OSS Reliability Assessment Considering Fault Modification


Yoshinobu Tamura ; Shigeru Yamada



A Weighting Local Search for the Network Topology Design Problem


Taishin Nakamura ; Koji Shingyochi



Open Source Project Evaluation Methodology Considering OSS- Oriented EVM and Number of Potential Faults


Hironobu Sone ; Yoshinobu Tamura ; Shigeru Yamada



A Method of Reliability Assessment Based on Stochastic Model for Open Source Software


Shoichiro Miyamoto ; Yoshinobu Tamura ; Shigeru Yamada



Change-point Detection for Accuracy Improvement of Software Reliability Assessment


Yuka Minamino ; Shin Danjo ; Masashi Kuwano ; Taku Moriyama ; Shinji Inoue



Optimization Problems for a Parallel System under Random Replacement Theory


Junyuan Wang ; Xufeng Zhao ; Hongshuang Feng



Bayesian-Driven Predictive Replacement Planning in Consideration of Spare Parts Ordering


Ruoran Han ; Xiaobing Ma ; Li Yang



An Age-Based Dynamic Opportunistic Maintenance Framework under Iteratively Updated Group Information


Yi Chen ; Shihan Zhou ; Xiaobing Ma ; Li Yang



Dynamic Scheduling of Intelligent Group Maintenance under Adaptive Information Updating


Shihan Zhou ; Yi Chen ; Fanping Wei ; Xiaobing Ma ; Li Yang



Optimum Order-replacement Policies for a Repairable System with the General  α-series Process under Constrained Quality Demand


Wenjie Dong ; Yingjie Yang ; Sifeng Liu



Aero-engine Life Prediction Based on ARIMA and LSTM with Multi-Head Attention Mechanism


Ning Shen ; Tiantian Niu ; Rui Peng ; Kaiye Gao



Improved Estimator of Software Reliability for Weibull Class Models


Murulidhar N. N. ; B. Roopashri Tantri



Ensemble Difference Mode Decomposition Based on Transmission Path Elimination Technology for Rotating Machinery Fault Diagnosis


Jianchun Guo ; Jiawei Xiang



Maintenance Optimization for Multi-Indenture Systems Based on Reinforcement Learning


Qian Qian Zhao ; Xiaojian Zhang



Backward Replacement Policies with Random Working Cycles


Hong S. Feng ; Mingchih Chen ; Xufeng Zhao



Research on Compilation Method of Test Load Spectrum for Stator Blade Regulation Mechanism


Jinqiang Hou ; Yi Wang ; Shuanghui Huang ; Xuehong He ; Wenxue Qian



Research on Safety Assessment Method for High Speed Train Body Structure with Damage


Ruijin Zhang ; Lie Wang ; Youzhi Pei ; Shaodong Wei



Stochastic "Three-Dependence" In Application to System Reliability Modeling


Jerzy K. Filus ; Lidia Z. Filus



Analyzing Risk of Civil Aircraft via the Ensemble Model Using Temporal Convolution and Dual Attention Gated Recurrent Unit


Di Zhou ; Xiao Zhuang ; Hong Fu Zuo ; Xun Feng Zhao ; Jiang Wei Xiang



Dependability Analysis in TwinOps Environments


Grigore Albeanu ; Florin Popențiu-Vlădicescu ; Henrik Madsen



ELECTRE Analysis of Sparkling Wine Bottling Risks


Silvia Carpitella ; Fortunato Carpitella ; Joaquín Izquierdo



Identification of Critical Components for Complex System and Related Software Development


Sirui Zhou ; Yinxiao Hu ; Xinran Chen ; Hongjuan Ge



Strategic Decision-Making for Inventory Optimization of Perishable Pharmaceutical Products


Mohamed Yoosha Tungekar ; Miguel Rivas Pellicer ; Silvia Carpitella



A Precision Reliability Evaluation Model for Multi-Units Chained System Based on Correlation Analysis of Units


Hongwei Wang ; Jiawei Xiang



Polynomial Representation of Markov Process and its Application for Dynamic Availability Analysis of Artillery Rocket Systems


A. Lisnianski ; E. Levit



Overview of One-Class versus Binary-Class Classification in the Context of Big Data Analytics


Naeem Seliya ; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar



Review of Feature Selection Techniques for Credit Card Fraud Detection


Huanjing Wang ; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar



Using Credit Card Fraud Data to Evaluate Binary and One-Class Classification


Joffrey L. Leevy ; John Hancock ; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar ; Azadeh Abdollah Zadeh



Determining Optimal Feature Subset Size for Credit Card Fraud Detection


Huanjing Wang ; John Hancock ; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar