Reliability &
Quality in Design
RQD 2017


A Novel Baseline-Differencing Approach for Creating Generalizable Reliability Models of Ocean Turbine Behavior

Randall Wald; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Bassem Alhalabi


Reliability Prediction System using Bayesian Network

Kei Imazawa; Y. Katsumura; K. Kosugi; M. Douwaki


Approaches to Sensitivity Analysis for System Reliability Study of Smart Structures for Active Vibration Reduction

Ying Li; Thomas Pfeiffer; Jürgen Nuffer; Joachim Bös; Holger Hanselka


Combining Line Sampling and Saddlepoint Approximation for Reliability Sensitivity Analysis

S.F. Song; Z.Z. Lu; L.Y. Li


Fusion of Wavelet Transform Features for Reliable Fault Detection within an Ocean Turbine MCM System

Janell Duhaney; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Randall Wald; Pierre P. Beaujean


The Underlying Driving Forces of Continuous Probability Density and Distribution Functions

Zhigang Wei; D. Gary Harlow; Burt Lin; Fulun Yang


New Method for Weighted–k–out–of–n System using SDP

Yoichi Higashiyama; Ventsi Rumchev


Systemability With Loglog Distributions

Hoang Pham


A Taxonomy System to Identify Human Error Causes for Software Defects

Fuqun Huang; Bin Liu; Bing Huang


Human Error in Road Transportation Systems: An Investigative Study

B.S Dhillon


Reliability Evaluation for a Multi-Line Production System with Reworking Actions

Ping-Chen Chang; Yi-Kuei Lin


Combinatorial Reliability Analysis of Warm-Standby Systems with Imperfect Fault Coverage

O. Tannous; L. Xing; R. Peng; M. Xie


Total Life Approach Based Creep-Fatigue-Oxidation Modeling

Zhigang Wei; Fulun Yang; Burt Lin; Limin Luo; Dmitri Konson


Reliability Assessment for Aging Multi-state System under Stochastic Demand by Using Lz-transform

A. Lisnianski


A Comparative Study of Sampled Feature Ranker Ensembles for Software Quality Classification

Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Kehan Gao; Lofton A. Bullard


On Ranking Software Reliability Growth Models by Subjective Data Analysis

G. Albeanu; G. I. Duda; Fl. Popentiu-Vladicescu


A Method of Complex Software System Reliability Allocation Based on ANP

Gang Wei; Li Xu; Huan-kun Wang


Impact of Data Sampling on Feature Selection Techniques for Software Defect Prediction

Kehan Gao; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Amri Napolitano


Optimal Times of Deadlock Detection Schedule

Syouji Nakamura; Xufeng Zhao; Toshio Nakagawa


A Method of Reliability Assessment based on Stochastic Differential Equation Model for a Cloud Open Source Software

Yoshinobu Tamura; Shigeru Yamada


A Summary of Newly Proposed Age Replacement Policies

Xufeng Zhao; Toshio Nakagawa


Bayesian Network Modeling for Dynamic Fault Tree

Tetsushi Yuge; Shigeru Yanagi


Software Performability Evaluation based on Markovian Reliability Model with Systemability

Toshinori Fukuda; Koichi Tokuno; Shigeru Yamada


A Cuscore Statistic for Monitoring Degradation Paths

Michelle Mancenido; Rong Pan


Condition Based Maintenance of Wind Power Generation Systems Considering Different Turbine Types and Lead Times

Fangfang Ding; Zhigang Tian; Abeer Amayri


Use of Critical Index as a Method of Management, Planning and Control of the Maintenance in an Oil Refining Plant

M. Bevilacqua; F. E. Ciarapica; G. Mazzuto; L. Postacchini


Dynamic Modeling of Two-stage Gearbox for Condition Monitoring

Yonglin Ren; Zhigang (Will) Tian


Optimal Design of Degradation Tests for Reliability Demonstration

Guangbin Yang


Influence of the Human Body on the Characteristics of A Pedestrian Bridge

Shiqiao Gao; Dong Wang; Lei Jin


Investigating the Factors Affecting the Development of a National Accreditation Body in North Africa

Tarek Elsmuai; Chris McCollin


A Method of Arc Welding Robot Pose Precision Reliability Analysis Based on Six Parameters

Jia Li; Yunnan Teng; Lei Xu; Shuai Chu; Peng Zhao; Mei Su; Xuehong He


Teardown Data: Particle Distributions

D. Gary Harlow


A Single CUSUM Chart for Monitoring Time Interval and Magnitude of Critical Events

Liang Qu


Overall Design and Quality Improvement of Equipment Based on Virtual Prototype

Xue-zheng Zhu; Li Xu; Qing-jun Meng


Estimating Capability Index in Multivariate Processes Using Bootstrap Sequential Sampling Procedures

L. Sandamali Dharmasena; P. Zeephongsekul; M. Abdollahian


Development of Mathematical Model to Determine the Optimal Tolerance for Quality Improvement through Taguchi Loss Function

N.V.R. Naidu


System Reliability Optimization Considering Uncertain Future Operating Conditions and Usage Stresses

Nida Chatwattanasiri; David W. Coit; Mark Rodgers; Sanling Song


Reliability of k-out-of-n Cold Standby Systems with Rayleigh Distributions

Rahamat Mohammad; Suprasad V. Amari; Aktar Kalam


Integrated Importance Analysis with Multi-state Multi-valued Decision Diagrams

Shumin Li; Shudong Sun; Zhiqiang Cai; Shubin Si


Performance and Reliability Analysis of a SOA Application: An Integrated Approach

Rehab A. El Kharboutly; Swapna S. Gokhale


Failure Modes Analysis of Fatigue S-N Test Data with Small Sample Size

Zhigang Wei; Fulun Yang; Burt Lin; D. Gary Harlow


Reducing Test Specimen Size for Reliability Determination by Combining Lifetime Calculation and Prior Information, as Exemplified by Hydraulic Pumps

Achim Romer; Bernd Bertsche; Josef Kurfess


Gear Remaining Useful Life Prediction Using Generalized Polynomial Chaos Collocation Method

Fuqiong Zhao; Zhigang Tian


Accelerated Durability Testing and Data Analysis for Products with Multiple Failure Modes

Zhigang Wei; Burt Lin; Limin Luo; Fulun Yang; Dmitri Konson


Manycast and Anycast-Based Infrastructure Communication Reliability for Wireless Sensor Networks

C. Wang; L. Xing; V. M. Vokkarane; Y. Sun


Rigidity Reliability Analysis of High-speed Motorized Spindle based on RSM

Xuehong He; Yanshou Jiang; Mengbing Zhu; Jia Li


K-Coverage Reliability Evaluation for Wireless Sensor Networks

A. E. Zonouz; L. Xing; V. M. Vokkarane; Y. Sun


System MTBF and Its Applications to IP Routers

Yaakov Kogan; Xuemei Zhang


Critical Success Factors of Six Sigma Projects in Educational Services

E. Mousavi; R. Noorossana


Evaluation of MTBF and MTTR Trends for a Selected Equipment in an Oil Refinery

M. Bevilacqua; F. E. Ciarapica; G. Giacchetta; B. Marchetti


Proportional Hazard Model for Time-Dependent Covariates with Repeated Events

Alexandre Mendes; Nasser Fard


On Estimation of Hazard Rate and Reversed Hazard Rate based on Transformations

Chathuri Lakshika Jayasinghe; Panlop Zeephongsekul


Stochastic Differential Equation Models Considering Jump Diffusion Process for an Open Source Software

Hirona Miyahara; Yoshinobu Tamura; Shigeru Yamada


Bivariate Software Reliability Modeling with Uncertainty of Testing-Environment Change

Shinji Inoue; Jun Ikeda; Shigeru Yamada


Statistical Analysis Based on Software Process Data and Quantitative Project Evaluation

Shigeru Yamada; Makoto Shiomi


Quantitative Assessment for Software Safety Integrity Level Based on Functional Safety Standards

Takahiro Nishikawa; Takaji Fujiwara; Shigeru Yamada


Hazard Rate Modeling with Effect of Change-Point for Software Reliability Assessment

Shinji Inoue; Shiho Hayashida; Shigeru Yamada


The Optimal Re-sampling Strategy for a Risk Assessment Model

L. I. Tong; W. Y. Wei; P. Y. Wu


Right Person on the Right Place - A business Process Perspective

Shin-Guang Chen


Organizational Safety Climate & Work Safety Performance for Concrete Mixer Drivers

Kai Way Li; Zong Kang Liu


A Study on the Correlation between Customer and Quality

Jyh-Wen Ho


Accuracy Rate Issue for System Reliability Evaluation of Multiple Terminals

Yi-Kuei Lin; Cheng-Fu Huang


Warranty Repair Demand Prediction Considering New Sales and Failed-But-Not-Reported Phenomena

H.T. Liao; W. Xie


Fully Renewing Combination Free Replacement and Pro-Rata Warranty Cost Assessment Using Monte Carlo Simulation

D. Stamenkovic; V. Popovic; D. Aleksendric


A Discrete Time Model of Two Full On-Demand Buses in Local Area

Junji Koyanagi; Hajime Kawai


Warranty Policy Based on Failure Time and Warranty Servicing Time

Minjae Park; Hoang Pham


Reliability Design Confidence for Systems Subject to Correlated Component Failures

Lance Fiondella; Chendong Li


Contracting for Performance-Based Maintenance Service under Profit Maximization

J. Espiritu; C.-H. Sung; T. Jin; H.-Z. Huang


A Copula-based Mechanical System Reliability Model

Hong-wei Yang; Yu-an Zhao; Cheng-ming He


Computing the Cdf for Degrading Dynamic Systems

G. J. Savage; Y. K. Son; T. S. Seecharan


A Proposed Bayesian Network Model for Analysing the Financial Performance of Containerships under Uncertainty

N.S.F. Abdul Rahman; Z.L. Yang; S. Bonsall; J. Wang


Maintenance Scheduling of a Manufacturing System Subject to Linear Deterioration Model

Reza Ahmadi


Reliability and Performance Assessment of an Aviation Security Screening Checkpoint

Karl Severin; Clayton Spinner; Michael Calvo; Derek Doran; Lance Fiondella


Comprehensive Reliability Evaluating of Large Mechanical and Electrical Assembling Equipment based on Testing and Controlling

Jun Chen; Fan Li; Yuan Ming Zheng


Virtual Metrology and Run-to-Run Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Y. Zhu; R. J. Baseman; J. He; D. D. Restaino; E. Yashchin


A Multi-Objective Approach to Optimize a Periodic Maintenance Policy

Antonella Certa; Mario Enea; Giacomo Galante; Toni Lupo


Research on Reliability Analysis Method for Mechanical Parts Based on Operation State Theory

Cheng-ming He; Yu-an Zhao; Hong-wei Yang


Maintenance Time Oriented Virtual Maintenance Integrated Analysis Method

Le Kang; Dong Zhou; Chuan Lv; Zhiqi Guo; Meihui Wang


On Intraclass Correlation Coefficients

Shaoji Xu; Young Zhu


Reliability Modeling and Life Testings of Main PCB Unit for Electro Cardiographic Systems(ECG)

Sung-Min Kim; Jung-Won Park; Jeong-Hwan Cho