Reliability &
Quality in Design



Equivalent Geometrical Designs with Same Word-Length Pattern

Hsien-Tang Tsai; Jen-der Day

Joint Quaternary Design Tables for Geometrical Designs

Jen-der Day; Hsien-Tang Tsai

Improving Tuning Time of Radio Frequency Devices thru Six Sigma Process

Chiao-Tzu Huang; Shin-Yi Lai; Wei-Ling Wang

Integrating Taguchi Method and Durbin-Watson Statistic for Independent Component Selection: With Application to Etch Process Fault Detection

Chun-Chin Hsu

Six Sigma Based Approach to Enhance the PCB Yield

Li-Fei Chen; Hung-Chun Lin; Hui-Po Hsu; Chao-Ton Su

Reliability of Tunnel Ventilation Control: A Conceptual Design

Ondřej Nývlt; Lukáš Ferkl; Jan Šulc

Designing of Efficient Families of Strategies for Predicting Unknown Population Mean

H.S. Jhajj

A Software Reliability Model with Vtub-Shaped Fault-Detection Rate Subject to Operating Environments

Hoang Pham

Human Error in Health Care: An Investigative Study

B.S Dhillon

Reliability Modeling of a Server System with Hybrid Replication Method

Mitsutaka Kimura; Mitsuhiro Imaizumi; Toshio Nakagawa

Optimal Management Policy for a Distributed Processing System

Mitsuhiro Imaizumi; Mitsutaka Kimura

Determination of Bank Interest Margins Considering Bankruptcy

Syouji Nakamura; Miwako Arafuka; Toshio Nakagawa

Optimal Maintenance Policy of Airframe Cracks

Kodo Ito; Toshio Nakagawa

Approximation of Inspection Threshold for Multi-Component System

Takashi Satow

Buyer’s Order Quantity and Manufacturer’s Wholesale Price, Process Mean, and Production Run Length Settings

Chung-Ho Chen

Weighted Approach in Estimating Evaluation Indexes for Measurement Systems with Correlated Characteristics

R.S. Peruchi; A.P. Paiva; P.P. Balestrassi; R. Sawhney; G. Rajpal; V. Marella

Lean Six Sigma Based Requirement Analysis of Quality Management for Complex Product Maintenance

Hong-bing Ye; Bo-gong Ji; Qing-jun Meng

Experimental Flexible Two-phase Loop for Quality Optimization of Piping Components

M. Bevilacqua; F.E. Ciarapica; G. Giacchetta; B. Marchetti

Frequency Response Design of Uncertain Vibration Systems

G. J. Savage; Y. K. Son

NHPP Models with Change-Point for Software Reliability Assessment and Its Application to an Optimal Software Release Problem

Yuka Fukuta; Shinji Inoue; Shigeru Yamada

Optimal Maintenance Problems Based on Jump Diffusion Models Considering the Operating Phase of Cloud OSS

Kenta Miyaoka; Yoshinobu Tamura; Shigeru Yamada

A Software Optimal Release Problem Based on a Hazard Rate Model with Change-Point

Shinji Inoue; Yuki Nakagawa; Shigeru Yamada

Bootstrapping Interval Estimations for Software Reliability Assessment Based on a Discrete NHPP Model

Shinji Inoue; Hironori Matsuno; Shigeru Yamada

An Interval Estimation Approach of Optimal Software Release Time Based on a Nonparametric Bootstrap Method

Shinji Inoue; Shigeru Yamada

Optimization of a Bi-Objective Imperfect Preventive Maintenance Model

Chung-Ho Wang; Sheng-Wang Tsai; Jiu-Zhang Lu

Minimizing Periodic Preventive Maintenance Costs in Series-Parallel Systems Using Improved Genetic Algorithm

Yi Hsu

A Study on the Structure of the Product Profit

Jyh-Wen Ho

The Impact of Used Products on Channel Coordination and Quality Decision for Warranted Products

Hui-Chiung Lo; Ruey Huei Yeh; Nani Kurniati; Jung-Jung Lin

Maintenance Scheduling Analysis under Limited Resources with Application to Pumps of a Power Plant

Yao Hsu; Wen-Fang Wu; Tzu-Yu Kuo; Shih-Cheng Liu; Jo-Hsin Huang

Development of a Quality Model for Comparing Mobile Cloud Computing Systems

Wei-Jung Shiang; Hsin Rau; Ting-Kuo Peng

Reliability of Permitted Packet Unreliability and Latency in a Multi-State Imperfect Vertex Computer Network

Cheng-Fu Huang; Yi-Kuei Lin

A Study of Compound Failure Rate Control Schemes for Monitoring IC Wafers Quality and Lifetime Reliability

Yung-Yu Yang; Yun-Shiow Chen

Performance Measure for a Multistate Distribution Network under the Delivery Spoilage Consideration

Cheng-Fu Huang; Cheng-Ta Yeh; Yi-Kuei Lin

Search for All MCs with Backtracking

Shin-Guang Chen

Trend Analysis Based on Historical Data for OSS Reliability Assessment

Hirona Miyahara; Yoshinobu Tamura; Shigeru Yamada

Data Analysis for Decreasing Mold Defective Fraction in Automotive Rubber Products Based on Orthogonal Array Experiments

Shigeru Yamada; Giichi Takabatake

On Change-Point Detection and Its Application to Software Reliability Measurement Based on Hazard Rate Models

Shiho Hayashida; Shinji Inoue; Shigeru Yamada

Quantitative Assessment for Software Safety Integrity Level with Optimal Software Release Policies

Takahiro Nishikawa; Shigeru Yamada

AIR Application based on Jump Diffusion Models for Cloud Computing

Yoshinobu Tamura; Shigeru Yamada

Repairable Medical System Reliability

James McLinn

Performance Reliability Analysis for the Landing Gear System Based on the Simulation Model

Tianxiang Yu; Ruke Lei; Bifeng Song; Zetao Xiong

Overview of Design for Reliability

Guangbin Yang

Reliability Program for Medical Device

Julio Pulido

Neuromodulation Leads Reliability Assessment in Therapy System

Mingxiao Jiang; Bernard Q. Li; Haitao Zhang

Exploring Ensemble Filters for Software Defect Prediction

Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Kehan Gao; Lofton A. Bullard

Software Reliability Models Selection Method

Kun Han; Jin-mao Guo; Qing-jun Meng

Software Quality Analysis with Distribution Bias in Defect Data

Naeem Seliya; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar

A Comparative Study of Iterative Feature Selection and Boosting for Software Quality Estimation

Kehan Gao; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Randall Wald

Research on Mechanism of System State Transfer and Check Based on Adaptive Agent Simulation

Ying Shen; Wei-guang Liu; Qing-jun Meng

Multi-Class Classification for Ocean Turbine State Detection

Janell Duhaney; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar

Experimental Results for Weighted–k–out–of–n System

Yoichi Higashiyama; Ventsi Rumchev

Detecting Changes in Readings from Remote Battery Systems

Gregory W. Ratcliff; Randall Wald; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Cody Neuburger; Liz Jeannette Aranguren Pachano

Optimal Maintenance Policies with Preventive Maintenance

Minjae Park; Hoang Pham

The Optimization of a Maintenance Policy Related to a Global Service Contract

Toni Lupo

On the Opportunistic Predictive Maintenance Decision-Making for k-out-of-n:F Deteriorating Systems

Khac Tuan Huynh; Anne Barros; Christophe Bérenguer

Spare Parts Management: A Comparison Between (S,S) Policy with Delayed Ordering and Policy Based on Binomial Distribution and Total Cost

D. Battini; A. Persona; F. Sgarbossa

Statistical Analysis for Design Improvement of Wheels

Zhi-Sheng Ye; Jian-Guo Li; Min Xie

Reliability for Three-Level Supply Chain

X. Zhang; P. Zeephongsekul

Spare Parts Decision under Reliability Growth and Warranty Repair: A Customer Perspective

Tongdan Jin; Kranthi Katepalli; Heidi Taboada; Jose Espiritu

Reliability Analysis of Hybrid Energy System

Zhigang Tian; Amir Ahmad Seifi

On Duty Cycle Concept in Reliability - Definitions, Pitfalls and Clarifications

Feng-Bin Sun; Steve Lock; Wendai Wang

Human Reliability and Un-safety Behavior Factors Investigation of the Prescription Preparing Processes in Pharmacy

Chih-Wei Lu

An Invisible Knowledge Network of Relationship and quality: Themes, Concepts and Correlations

Ying-Shao Chang; Yender Lee; Yuan-Duen Lee

Research Trends in the Field of E-learning Quality, 2003-2012: A Citation Analysis

Chin-Hsiu Tai; Che-Wei Lee; Yender Lee

Invisible Network of Knowledge: Education, Management and Quality

Yuan-Duen Lee; Chiu-Chuan Lin; Chen-Fen Huang

Using MANOVA to Evaluate Service Process Satisfaction of a Tourism Factory – A Case of Brand's Health Museum

Ting Chin Shih; Chia-Hsien Tsai; Hsin-Hung Wu

Structural Properties of an Optimal Maintenance Policy for a Makovian Deteriorating System Subject to Random Shocks

Nobuyuki Tamura

Extended Optimal Replacement Policies for a Random Intervals with Working Time

Satoshi Mizutani; Toshio Nakagawa

Optimal Checkpoint Times for a Majority Database System

Kenichiro Naruse; Toshio Nakagawa

Optimal Policies for Cumulative Damage Models with Replacement Overtime

Xufeng Zhao; Syouji Nakamura; Toshio Nakagawa

Optimal Replacement Policies for a Parallel System with Shortage and Excess Costs

Mingchih Chen; Xufeng Zhao; Toshio Nakagawa

An Invisible Network of Knowledge of Quality of Health Care

Cheng-Kun Wang

12 Years of Supply Chain Management and Quality Study (2001~2012)

Fu-Jin Hu; Jen-Hwa Kuo; Yender Lee; Chiu-Chuan Lin

Ten Years of Website & Website Quality Studies: Themes, Concepts and Relationships

Yuan-Duen Lee; Yender Lee; Jwu-Jenq Chen

Identifying and Mapping the Scientific Landscape of Service Quality Management Studies, 2003-2012

Yuan-Duen Lee; Yender McLee; Min-Tzu Chen; Yen-Hui Lin

Quality Inspection Policy for Color Filter Production System

Hsin Rau; Chih-Chung Chien; Kuo-Hua Cho; Wei-Jung Shiang

Human Factor Criteria for the Design of Cars

Hong Wang; Ningning Zhang; Chi Zhang; Xu Luo; Guangbin Sun

Dynamics Study and Finite Element Analysis of the 50t/h Dual-axis Inertia Horizontal Vibrated Fluidized Bed

Xiangwei Kong; Feng Guo; Dong Wang; Ning Yin

A Proposal for an Exact Algorithm for Solving a SALBP-1 Problem

Mosé Gallo; Teresa Murino; Valentino Pensato; Liberatina Carmela Santillo

Probabilistic Specimen Property-Fatigue Life Mapping and P-S-N Curve Fitting

Liyang Xie; Jianzhong Liu

Equivalent Accelerated Degradation Test Plans for a Nonlinear Random Coefficients Models

Seong-joon Kim; Suk Joo Bae

Research on Sample Size Determination to Estimate Fatigue Life in Reliability Test of Mechanical Products

Weimin Cui; Jiaoyang Wang; Tianxiang Yu; Bifeng Song

Accelerated Life Testings(ALTs) and Acceleration Modeling of Battery Disconnecting Systems(BDS)

Sung-Min Kim; Kwang-Min Lee; Jeong-Hwan Cho

Reliability and Durability Analysis for Fuel Cell Vehicle Based On Road Test

Songlin Zheng; Tie Chen; Shuying Wang; Xintian Lin

Efficient and Practical Reliability Engineering

Jiajun Shao; Junxian Han

A Dual Stochastic Process Model with Applications to Security Systems

Yao Zhang; Hoang Pham

An Approach for the Fast Calculation Method of Pareto Solutions of a Two-Objective Network

Tomoaki Akiba; Natsumi Takahashi; Shuhei Nomura; Hisashi Yamamoto

Statistical Modeling for Low Cycle Fatigue

D. Gary Harlow

A Multi-Decision Makers Approach to Select the Maintenance Plan for a Multi-Component System

Antonella Certa; Mario Enea; Giacomo Galante; Toni Lupo

Selective Maintenance for a Multi-Component System with Two Types of Failure Modes under Age-Based Imperfect Maintenance

Mayank Pandey; Ming J. Zuo; Dao Duc Cuong

A Methodology for Maintenance Time Prediction in Virtual Maintenance Environment

Geng Jie; Zhou Dong; Lv Chuan

Periodic Inspection Optimization for Infrastructure Systems Subject to Hidden Failures

Dzung T. Phan; Yada Zhu

Lifetime Estimation of Ceramic Package Light-Emitting Diodes using Complex-Stress and Real-Time Monitoring

Byungjin Ma; Jemin Kim; Sungsun Choi; Kwanhoon Lee

Application of Standard FMECA and FMECA with Grey Relation Analysis, in a Wall-Hung Boiler Case Study

M. Bevilacqua; F. E. Ciarapica; L. Postacchini; G. Mazzuto

Measurement System Analysis Applied to AISI 12L14 Steel Turning

R.S. Peruchi; P.P. Balestrassi; A.P. Paiva; R. Sawhney; E.M. Anda; S.A. Niknam

A Distribution of Quick Chargers Used by Electric Vehicles on an Expressway Considering with the Type of Charging Place

Junji Koyanagi

Research on Mechanism Wear Reliability Analysis Methods Based on Theory of Operational State

Cheng-ming He; Qing-hua Liang; Qing-jun Meng

Reliability Modeling for k-out-of-n Surveillance Systems Subject to Two Stochastic Processes

Yao Zhang; Hoang Pham

Statistical Process Control for the Fairness of Network Resource Distribution

Zhenmin Chen; Qingyun Liu

Reliability for Fluid Bearings Design

K. Diop; A. Charki; S. Champmartin; A. Ambari