Reliability &
Quality in Design


Fill Rate: Ensuring Reliability in a Supply Chain

                P. Zeephongsekul; O. Alamri; B. Abbasi


Optimal Design of Hybrid Sequential Testing for a System with Mixture of One-shot Units

                Elsayed A. Elsayed; Yao Cheng


A Discussion of the Safety Assurance Technology of Highly Complex System in Information Era

                Tingdi Zhao; Fuchun Ren; Jian Jiao; Zeyong Jiang  


An Improved Test Machine for Mechanical Characterization of Linen Fibers: the Turin Shroud Dating

                Giulio Fanti; Roberto Basso


Populations’ Studies Approach to Describing Age and Remaining Lifetime for Populations of Manufactured Items

                Maxim Finkelstein


Construction of Process Quality Assessment Model for Ratchet Torque Wrench

                Chun-Min Yu; Tsang-Chuan Chang; Kuen-Suan Chen; Huo-Tsan Chang  


Effects of Megatrends on Customer-Centric Design

                Maytavee Tansrisuwarn; Thong Ngee Goh


Development of Robust Design Using Compressed Data

                Chien-Chih Lin; Hao-Ting Wei; Chung-Shou Liao


Monitoring the Log-normal Process using Bootstrap x̅-R Control Charts

                Lee-Ing Tong; Chao-Ching Hung; Kai-Wei Su; Yu-Chiun Wang  


Quality In Health Care: An Investigative Study

                B. S. Dhillon


Optimal Group Replacement Policy for Multi-Component Systems with Weibull Lifetime Distributions

                Ruey-Huei Yeh; Chuan-Wen Chiu; Ya-Han Yu; Wen-Liang Chang  


Some Results on an Optimal Maintenance Policy for a Markovian Deteriorating System Subject to Random Shocks

                Nobuyuki Tamura


Optimization of Preventive Maintenance for a System with Aging Components

                Chun-Ho Wang; Chao-Hui Huang; Yo-Yang Lin


Condition-Based Maintenance in a Bottling Line

                Daria Battini; Sara Mazzon; Alessandro Persona; Fabio Sgarbossa  


Reliability Analysis Based on Non-Homogeneous Continuous-Time Markov Modeling with Application to Repairable Pumps of a Power Plant

                Yao Hsu; Wen-Fang Wu; Tai-Wei Huang


Reliability Modelling and Assessment of Automotive Transmission Based on Bayesian Networks

                Xiaowei Yin; Wenxue Qian; Qianqian Cao; Liyang Xie  


Reduction of Stiffness in Timing Belts: Experimental Tests

                Roberto Basso; Giulio Fanti


Finite Element Analysis and Fatigue Test of Complex Aluminium Alloy Structural Component

                Wenxue Qian; Xiaowei Yin; Cao Yan; Liyang Xie  


Optimal Tuned Mass Damper for a Spar Buoy Floating Wind Turbine to Mitigate Fatigue Damage

                Fan-Ming Gong; Sai Hung Cheung


A New Spectrum Development Methodology Based on Pseudo Damage Reserving for Road Load Simulation Test

                Jiawei Yu; Songlin Zheng; Jinzhi Feng; Lihui Zhao; Dawei Gao


Variable Sample Size Control Chart for Monitoring Process Capability Index

                Dja-Shin Wang; Hau-Yu Yang; Tong-Yuan Koo


Degradation Prediction of Printed Images

                Ziyi Wang; E. A. Elsayed


Shock Wave Simulations Using CESE Method

                W.-C. Chen; R.-J. Yang


A General Method on Establishing Fatigue Test Specification of Torsion Beam Rear Axle

                Songlin Zheng; Tie Chen; Jinzhi Feng; Lihui Zhao; Dawei Gao


Risk Assessment of the Critical Production Process Using a New FMECA Approach: an Application in a Cooking Oil Production Company

                Benedictus Rahardjo; Bernard C. Jiang


Qualitative Quality Analysis of Process Factors Based on Software Design Review Record Affecting Software Reliability

                Takashi Sato; Shigeru Yamada


Multi-Release Software Reliability Modeling and Analysis Incorporating Dependent Software Fault Detection Process

                Mengmeng Zhu; Hoang Pham


Extended Discrete Binomial Software Reliability Models with Test Environment

                Shinji Inoue; Shigeru Yamada


An Open Source Software Reliability Tool - A Guide for Users

Vidhyashree Nagaraju; Karthik Katipally; Richard Muri; Lance Fiondella; Thierry Wandji


Deep Learning Approach for Reliability Assessment of Cloud Software

                Yoshinobu Tamura; Shigeru Yamada


Study on Evaluation Method of Health Grading Based on Grey Clustering Analysis

                Jiajing Wang; Junyou Shi


The Efficiency of the 4-out-of-5 Runs Rules Scheme for Monitoring the Ratio of Population Means of a Bivariate Normal Distribution

                Kim Phuc Tran; Philippe Castagliola; Giovanni Celano


An On-Demand Bus Model with Single Line and Two Reservation Types

                Junji Koyanagi; Takaya Oseki


Additive Manufacturing: Tensile Property Statistics

                D. Gary Harlow


Statistical Process Control Assessment for Open Source Software and Its Application

                Shigeru Yamada; Masakazu Yamaguchi


Jump Diffusion Process Model Considering the Optimal Data Partitioning for Cloud with Big Data

                Tomoya Takeuchi; Yoshinobu Tamura; Shigeru Yamada


Estimation of Detectable Number of Software Faults Under Budget Constraint

                Kenta Hotta; Shinji Inoue; Shigeru Yamada


Discrete Software Reliability Modeling Based on a Discrete Modified Weibull Distribution

                Yuki Hosokawa; Shinji Inoue; Shigeru Yamada


Effectiveness of the Random Forest Algorithm for Software Quality Classification

                Kehan Gao; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Amri Napolitano


Similarity of Feature Subset Selection Methods on Software Metrics Data

                Huanjing Wang; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Naeem Seliya


Anomaly Detection with Improved Similarity Measure for Satellite Telemetry Data

                Datong Liu; Shaojun Wang; Jing Chen; Jun Zhou; Yu Peng


Detecting Man In The Middle Traffic using Packet Header Information

                Maryam M. Najafabadi; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Chad Calvert; Clifford Kemp  


Capturing Man-in-the-Middle Attack Traffic on a Live Network Environment

Chad Calvert; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Clifford Kemp; Maryam M. Najafabadi  


Optimal Replacement Policy based on cumulative damage for a Two-unit System

                Shey-Huei Sheu; Tzu-Hsin Liu; Zhe-George Zhang; Hsin-Nan Tsai  


Incremental and Differencial Random Backup Policies

                Syouji Nakamura; Miwako Arafuka; Kazunori Iwata


Optimal Management Policy for a System in Cloud Computing Environment

                Mitsuhiro Imaizumi; Mitsutaka Kimura


Which Replacement is Better Before or After a Specified Time for Minimal Repair Models

                Mingchih Chen; Xufeng Zhao; Toshio Nakagawa


Replacement Policies for Periodic Damage Models

Xufeng Zhao; Khalifa N. Al-Khalifa; Abdel Magid Hamouda; Toshio Nakagawa  


System Reliability for a Fast Retransmit through Two Separate Quickest Paths under the Time Constraint

                Cheng-Fu Huang; Yi-Kuei Lin


Effectiveness of Search Keyword Advertising to Provide Tourists Information

                Masahide Yamamoto


Sort in Vector Space

                Shin-Guang Chen


System Reliability with Delivery Spoilage and Time Windows for a Multistate Intermodal Logistics Network (MILN)

                Cheng-Fu Huang; Yu-Chieh Liao; Yi-Kuei Lin


Order Spectrum Based on Generalized Demodulation for Gearbox Fault Diagnosis under Nonstationary Conditions

                Xiaowang Chen; Zhipeng Feng; Ming Liang


Variable Neighborhood Search Approaches for Correlated Parallel Machine Scheduling Problems

                Y.K. Lin


Structure Optimization and Needle Oscillation Analysis of GDI Injector

Xiangdong Kong; Zhendong Zhang; Congbo Yin; Qiang Cheng; Nailiu Xie; Xiaoyan Wang


Efficient Stability and Robustness Analysis of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems Using Simulation Data

                Young Kap Son; Gordon J. Savage


Empirical Bayesian Strategy for Sampling Plans with Warranty under Truncated Censoring

                Tzong-Ru Tsai; Y. L. Lio; Jyun-You Chiang


Improving Tooling Production Efficiency by a Two-Step Assembling Capacity Allocation Strategy

                Ya-Ning Yang; Chieh Lee


Impacts of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma

                Ibrahim Alhuraish; Christian Robledo; Abdessamad Kobi


A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Helicopter Safety Features using AHP and Grey Fuzzy Logic

                Dongni Dong; Wenjin Zhang; Qi Song


A Complementary Application of Univariate Process Capability Indices

                Denwick Munjeri; Panlop Zeephongsekul; Lasitha S. Dharmasena


Reliability Modeling of a Hybrid Assembly System for Dimensional Control

                Yinhua Liu; Feixiang Ji; Xialiang Ye


Reliability Analysis Using GO Methodology: A Review

                Xiao-jian Yi; B. S. Dhillon; Hui-na Mu


Research on Compilation Method of Load Spectrum for Cylindrical Shock Absorber Durability Test

                Jinzhi Feng; Qi Gao; Songlin Zheng


A Mechanistic Model for Microprocessor Architectural Vulnerability Factor Based on Constraints of Parallelism

                Liu Tang; Zhangqin Huang


Time-Dependent Series System and Gear Set Reliability Analysis Method

                Liyang Xie; Enjun Bai; Wenxue Qian; Ningxiang Wu  


Constraint Test Cases Generation Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

                Yunlong Sheng; Chang’an Wei; Gang Wang; Shouda Jiang; Yinsheng Chen


Applying Machine Learning Approaches to the Recognition of Variance Fault of a Multivariate Process

                Yuehjen E. Shao; Shih-Chieh Lin


Sample Size and Error Level for Testing Single Fiber Strength

                Ningxiang Wu; Liyang Xie


Reliability Analysis Based on Field Microdowntime Data: A Bottle Production Plant Case Study

                D Battini; A. Celin; A. Persona; F. Sgarbossa; I. Zennaro


Research on Process Reliability Design Method

                Xuejun Liu; Min Huang; Jun Yi


Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Drop Accident of Cask with o-ring seal during On-site Spent Nuclear Fuel Transportation

                Jaehyun Ham; Belal Al Momani; Robby Christian; Hyun Gook Kang  


Evaluation on the Reliability of Complicated System Based on Mixed Bayes Method

                Shang-ru Teng; Hai-dong Du; Jin-mao Guo


Long-Term Life Test Data Modeling and Field Correlation - An HDD Experience

                Feng-Bin Sun; Yao Zhang


Software Defect Prediction using Support Vector Machines with Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

                Haonan Tong; Bin Liu; Shihai Wang


Expectation Conditional Maximization Algorithms for Failure count Non-homogeneous Poisson Process Software Reliability Models

Vidhyashree Nagaraju; Anusha Krishna Murthy; Lance Fiondella; Panlop Zeephongsekul; Thierry Wandji


Mining Approximate Dependencies from Diesel Engine Assembling Data with a MILP Model based on Rough Set

                Chunyu Gao; Wenbing Chang; Yiyong Xiao; Shenghan Zhou  


Abrupt Event Oriented Robust Gas Concentration Detection Method of MOX Gas Sensor Arrays

                Yinsheng Chen; Shouda Jiang; Changan Wei; Yunlong Sheng  


A Decision Analysis Model for Maintenance Policy Selection in Multi-unit Systems

                Mahmood Shafiee


Modeling Analysis and Simulation for Equipment Support System of Systems

                Biao Xing; Cheng-ming He; Shang-ru Teng


The FTOPSIS Method to Support FMECA Analyses

Silvia Carpitella; Antonella Certa; Giacomo Galante; Joaquín Izquierdo; Concetta Manuela La Fata


Probabilistic Risk Assessment Procedure of an Interim Dry Storage Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel under Aircraft Strike

                Belal Almomani; Sanghoon Lee; Hyun Gook Kang


Research on Evaluation Method of the Reliability of Phased-mission of Equipment System Based on Agent Simulation

                Shang-ru Teng; Hai-dong Du; Jin-mao Guo


Multivariate Uniformity Test Based on Arbitrarily Selected Order Statistics

                Zhenmin Chen