Reliability &
Quality in Design
RQD 2021


Time-To-Replace Revision in a Cost-Based Scheduling Problem of Preventive Maintenance

                Riccardo Manzini; Riccardo Accorsi; Andrea Gallo; Stefano Penazzi


Managerial Decision Making for Complex Service Systems Optimisation

                Umair Ahmed; Silvia Carpitella; Antonella Certa


Product Return Merchandise Authorization Reduction in Early Phases of Mass Production

                Carmen Barquilla; Javier Macías


Time-Variant Series-System Reliability of Non-Monotonic Systems Using an Extreme Safe Set

                Gordon J. Savage; Young Kap Son


Multi-objective Search to Design Multi-phase Model Fitting Algorithms

                Joshua Steakelum; Jacob Aubertine; Kenan Chen; Vidhyashree Nagaraju; Lance Fiondella


From Holistic Health to Holistic Reliability – Toward an Integration of Classical Reliability with Modern Big-data Based Health Monitoring

                Fengbin Sun


Dynamic Inspection and Maintenance Optimization Strategy for Multi-State Systems Subject to Time-Varying Demand

                Yiming Chen; Yu Liu


Data Quality Assessment for ML based Decision-Making Systems

                Alexandra-Stefania Moloiu; Grigore Albeanu; Henrik Madsen; Florin Popentiu-Vladicescu


Study on the Covering Problem in Network Reliability

                Shin-Guang Chen


Confidence Interval Based Fuzzy Tests for Ratio Lifetime Index

                Kuen-Suan Chen; Chun-Min Yu; Tsang-Chuan Chang


Reliability for the Edge-Cloud Computing Network

                Ya-Ting Liao; Cheng-Fu Huang; Ding-Hsiang Huang; Yi-Kuei Lin


Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling Estimation Method for Inferring the Population Proportion of Having a Sensitive Nature

                Hua Xin; Jianping Zhu; Tzong-Ru Tsai; Chieh-Yi Hung; Minzheng Jiang


Inspection Plan of One-Shot Systems with Destructive and Nondestructive Inspections

                Qian Qian Zhao; Won Young Yun


Optimal Tool Replacement Decisions Using Wear Data and Proportional Hazard Model

                Biao Lu; Dehao Zhou


A New Consideration of Age Replacement Models with Exponential Failure Distribution

                Jiajia Cai; Xufeng Zhao


Optimum Design and Replacement Policies for k-out-of-n Systems with Deviation Time and Cost

                Junyuan Wang; Xufeng Zhao


Software Reliability Estimation of Schick-Wolverton Rayleigh Failure Time Model

                Tantri B. Roopashri; N. N. Murulidhar


Optimal Effort Allocation Problem Based on the Jump Diffusion Process Model for Edge Computing

                Yoshinobu Tamura; Hironobu Sone; Ryota Ueki; Shigeru Yamada


Estimation of Optimal Testing-termination Time with Change-point Derived from Software Release

                Yuka Minamino; Shinji Inoue; Shigeru Yamada


Quantitative Safety Integrity Level Assessment for Safety-Related Software

                Shinji Inoue; Takaji Fujiwara; Shigeru Yamada


A Staff Scheduling Problem of Customers with Reservations in consideration with Customers without Reservations

                Yuta Harada; Junji Koyanagi


Uncertainty Propagation in Importance Analysis of Fault Trees

                Jiahao Zhang; Junjun Zheng; Hiroyuki Okamura; Tadashi Dohi


Application of Top-Down Approach to Human Factors Engineering Process for Nuclear Power Plants

                Kenji Mashio; Kodo Ito


Process FMEA considering Human Error Risk in Aerospace Manufacturing

                Shigeshi Yamashita; Isatada Matsune; Kodo Ito


Neural Network Modeling and What-if Scenarios: Applications to Various-Term Sales Forecasts

                Valentina Kuskova; Dmitry Zaytsev; Anna Sokol; Gregory Khvatsky


Production Trees Analysis and Application to an Electrical Power System of a Data Center

                Walid Mokhtar Bennaceur; Leïla Kloul


Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for Knowledge-Oriented Human Risk Management in Industry

                Silvia Carpitella; Ilyas Mzougui; Joaquín Izquierdo


A Covariate Software Reliability Model and Optimal Test Activity Allocation

                Vidhyashree Nagaraju; Chathuri Jayasinghe; Lance Fiondella


Investigating the Severity of COVID-19 in the United States

                Kehan Gao; Sarah Tasneem; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar


Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on Four Regions of the U.S.

                Kehan Gao; Sarah Tasneem; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar


Statistical Significance of Hyperparameter Tuning for Varying Levels of Class Imbalance

                John Hancock; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Sara Landset


Cyberattack Predictions with Destination Port

                Richard Zuech; John Hancock; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar


Traceability Problems in Preventive Maintenance Policies

                Xufeng Zhao; Hongshuang Feng; Mingchih Chen; Toshio Nakagawa


Optimal Design and Replacement Policies for a Consecutive-k-out-of-n:G System Considering Number of Failed Components

                Lei Zhou; Hisashi Yamamoto; Xiao Xiao


Optimal Stochastic Education Plan of Employees Using Random Maintenance Model

                Khoa Truong Dinh Anh; Shigeshi Yamashita; Sho Kawakami; Kodo Ito


Optimal Inspection Policies Minimizing Expected Cost Rates

                Satoshi Mizutani; Xufeng Zhao; Toshio Nakagawa


Stress Analysis of Escalator Truss Structure Based on Sub-Model Method

                Wenxue Qian; Xiaowei Yin; Shuai Song; Xuehong He


Deep Neural Networks for Network Reliability Prediction

                Cheng-Hao Huang; Yi-Kuei Lin


Assess the Impact of Transit Time on Stochastic Multimodal Transport Network Reliability

                Thi-Phuong Nguyen


Time-Dependent Reliability for a Stochastic Flow Network in Terms of Minimal Cuts

                Yi-Chen Cheng; Ping-Chen Chang; Ding-Hsiang Huang; Yi-Kuei Lin


Redundancy Allocation in Multi-indenture Systems with Common Cause Failures

                Qian Qian Zhao; Won Young Yun


The Optimal Exercise Policy through the Effective Marketing Support under the Uncertainty

                Takahiro Nakamura; Junji Koyanagi; Kodo Ito


Application of Inspection Policy to Social Integration

                Takahito Araki; Mitsutaka Kimura; Toshio Nakagawa


Analysis of a POMDP model for an Optimal Maintenance Problem with Multiple Imperfect Repairs

                Nobuyuki Tamura


Reliability Analysis for Systems with Dependent Competing Failure Processes under Shock Environment

                Lina Bian; Guanjun Wang


Reliability Analysis for Wheel Brake Systems Based on AADL

                Dawei Cheng; Zhong Lu; Yuping Yang


Analysis of Implicit Functional Function Structure Reliability Based on Custom Neural Network

                Juan Du; Yun He; Haibin Li


Reliability Analysis of Coupled Cascading Failure System Based on Markov Process

                Qi Wang; Xujie Jia; Aoxue Su; Dong Xu


A Mixture Model of the Mixed Distributions to Analyse Some Reliability Indices and Survival Data

                Sarvesh Kumar; Madhu Jain; Aditi Gangopadhay


Software Defect Discovery and Resolution Modeling

                Maskura Nafreen; Melanie Luperon; Lance Fiondella; Vidhyashree Nagaraju; Ying Shi; Thierry Wandji


SRGMs with Uncertainty of Operating Environments for Software Reliability Assessment: a Factor-Based Survey

                Pradhan Vishal; Kumar Ajay; Dhar Joydip


Flexible Negotiation Process to Adhere to Human Preferences; A Case of Work Equipment Risk Assessment

                Silvia Carpitella; Antonella Certa; Joaquín Izquierdo


The Covariate Software Failure and Reliability Assessment Tool (C-SFRAT)

                Jacob Aubertine; Vidhyashree Nagaraju; Lance Fiondella


Impact of Input Layer of NAR Neural Network on Total Prediction Accuracy

                Vladimir Stenchlak; Ivan Kuric; Vladimir Tlach; Dariusz Wiecek


Interpretability of Time Series Forecasting Models

                Aishwarya Ramakrishnan; Akshay Sadanandan; Lyzanne Erika Dsouza; Somesh Patel


Probabilistic-based General Framework of Modeling Engineering System Resilience

                Mengmeng Zhu