Reliability &
Quality in Design


Bio Inspired Algorithms in Single and Multiobjective Reliability Optimization

Henrik Madsen; Grigore Albeanu; Bernard Burtschy; FlorinPopentiu -Vladicescu


Cascade-Coupling Reliability Design for Complex Space Mechanism System Based on Axiomatic Design

Mei Li; Jianguo Zhang; Jianlei Si; PidongWang; Junwei Yan


Lz-transform and Inverse Lz-transform Application to Dynamic Reliability Assessment for Multi-state System

A. Lisnianski; Y. Ding


An Optimization Model in Health Care Processes by Lean Energy Approach

Giuseppe Converso; Monica Ascione; Mario Di Nardo; PasqualeNatale


Parameterization of Maintenance Costs in a Combined Cycle Plant for Power Generation

M. Bevilacqua; F. E. Ciarapica; L. Postacchini; G.Mazzuto


Design for Quality of Engineering Systems Using Variance Decomposition

Qiuyang Li; Young Kap Son; Gordon J. Savage


Research on Climatic Chamber Measurement Correction Methods and Uncertainty Evaluation of Temperature Performance

Xue Song; Sa Wu; Yilong Fan; QianZhang


Optimal Maintenance Strategy without Monitoring Component Failures

Minjae Park; Hoang Pham


The Whereabouts of Reliability Engineering – An Industry Perspective

Feng-Bin Sun; Mingxiao Jiang; Wendai Wang


A Preventive Maintenance Policy Based on System State Information

Alfonsus Julanto Endharta; Won Young Yun


Analysis of Systems Subject to On – Line Preventive Maintenance

Murulidhar N. N.


Mining Equipment Maintenance: A Review, Indexes, and Models

B.S Dhillon


Optimal Maintenance Policies of Commercial Airframe Cracks

Kodo Ito; Toshio Nakagawa


Reliability Analysis of a System with Cyber Attack

Mitsuhiro Imaizumi; Mitsutaka Kimura


Optimal Server Strategies for Big Data

Syouji Nakamura; Xufeng Zhao; Toshio Nakagawa


A Cycle Counting Method for Multiaxial Random Loading

Lei Wang; Tianzhong Sui; Liyang Xie


Continuous Reliability Models for Systems of Non-identically Distributed Correlated Components

Bentolhoda Jafary; Lance Fiondella


Reliability Analysis of k-out-of-n Surveillance Systems Subject to Dual Stochastic Process and Opportunistic Maintenance Policy

Yao Zhang; Hoang Pham


An Order Batching Method Based on GGA in a Picker-To-Part System with the Travel Routing Policy

Jason Chao-Hsien Pan; Po-Hsun Shih


Use Statistical Model to Monitor Resource Distribution Fairness

Zhenmin Chen; Qingyun Liu


A System Dynamics Approach for Input-Output Control of a Job-Shop System in Make-To-Order Environment

Piera Centobelli; Mosè Gallo; Teresa Murino; CarmelaSantillo Liberatina


Statistical Software Project Assessment Based on Control Chart and Multivariate Analysis

Shigeru Yamada; Isami Nakashima; Makoto Shiomi


Statistical Quality Prediction Based on Project Data with Software Metrics and Process Review

Tsukasa Kametani; Shigeru Yamada


Mending a Change-Point Model for Software Reliability Assessment

Shinji Inoue; Shigeru Yamada


Extended Optimal Replacement Policy for a Two-Unit System under Cumulative Damage Model

Shey-Huei Sheu; Tzu-Hsin Liu; Zhe-George Zhang


Fuzzy Whitenization and TOPSIS Models Based System Supportability Evaluation

Qin-qin Wang; Jin-mao Guo; Bo-gong Ji


A Class of Nonsmooth Generalized Equation

Huan Gao; Haibin Zhang; Wenqing Xu


Life Distribution and Reliability Analysis of High-Power Light Emitting Diodes under Thermal Environments

Yao Hsu; Wen-Fang Wu; Ching-Cheng Zou


An Improved Reliability Second-Order Boundary Model for Series Mechanical System

Cheng-ming He; Yang Zhang; Qing-jun Meng


An Integrating Approach, Based on Simulation, to Define Optimal Number of Pallet in an Assembly Line

Elpidio Romano; Daniela Chiocca; Guido Guizzi


Multiresponse Optimization: An Exploratory Study with Gaussian Process Model

Nuno Costa; João Lourenço


A Fatigue Life Prediction Model Based on Dual Effect of Low-amplitude Loads

Songlin Zheng; Tie Chen; Jinzhi Feng; HonghaiWang


An Improved Maintenance Time Prediction Method in Virtual Environment

Jie Geng; Chuan Lv; Dong Zhou


System Reliability Evaluation for a Multi-state Manufacturing Network Considering Finite Buffer Capacity

Ping-Chen Chang; Yi-Kuei Lin; Ding-Hsiang Huang


Reduced Recursive Sum of Disjoint Product in Network Reliability

Shin-Guang Chen


Fuzzy-Based Reliability Evaluation for a Labor-Intensive Manufacturing System

Ping-Chen Chang; Yi-Kuei Lin; Kai-Jen Hsueh


Hazard Rate Modeling for Software Reliability Assessment with Multiple Change-Point Occurrences

Naoki Takada; Shinji Inoue; Shigeru Yamada


Reliability Modeling of Distributed Information Processing for Cloud Computing

Mitsutaka Kimura; Mitsuhiro Imaizumi; Toshio Nakagawa


Quantitative Assessment for Software Safety Integrity Level Based on Optimal Software Release Policies with Risk Cost

Shigeru Yamada; Yuki Fujita; Takahiro Nishikawa


Reliability Assessment Based on Two-Dimensional Wiener Processes for Big Data

Yoshinobu Tamura; Shigeru Yamada


Optimal Maintenance Policy for a One-shot System with Minimal Repair and Non-periodic Inspection Intervals

Tomohiro Kitagawa; Tetsushi Yuge; Shigeru Yanagi


Replacement Last Policies for Random Intervals with Working Time

Satoshi Mizutani; Xufeng Zhao; Toshio Nakagawa


Replacement First and Last for a Parallel System

Mingchih Chen; Xufeng Zhao; Toshio Nakagawa


Optimal Bivariate Replacement Policies with Minimal Repairs at Failures

Xufeng Zhao; Syouji Nakamura; Toshio Nakagawa


Performance of Filter-based Feature Subset Selection for Software Quality Data Classification

Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Huanjing Wang; Naeem Seliya


Similarity of Wrapper-based Feature Subset Selection Methods on Software Engineering Data

Huanjing Wang; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Amri Napolitano


The Impact of Feature Selection Techniques on a Hybrid Boosting and Data Sampling Approach for Software Quality Estimation

Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Kehan Gao; Ye Chen


Assessments of Feature Selection with Respect to Data Sampling for Highly Imbalanced Software Measurement Data

Kehan Gao; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar; Lofton A. Bullard


Efficient Family of Predictors of Unknown Population Median under Sampling Design

H. S. Jhajj; Harpreet Kaur


The Effects of Food Traceability Certification Label on Perceived Quality, Perceived Risk, Perceived Value and Consumer Willingness to Pay Premium: The Case of Black Pork Sausage

Hui-Chiung Lo; Rouh-Yun Yu; Chiao-Feng Chang


A Hybrid Approach to Weibull Renewal Approximation with Increasing Failure Rate

Tongdan Jin; Fei Sun; Heidi Taboada; JoseEspiritu


Countermeasure for Fault Analysis Attack

Masaya Yoshikawa; Hikaru Goto; Kohei Nohara; KensakuAsahi


Research on Software Preventive Maintenance Analysis and Strategy Based on Reliability Centered Maintenance Analysis

Yong Shuai; Cheng-ming He; Bo-gong Ji


Discrete Software Reliability Growth Model based on Maximum Entropy Principle with Higher Order Polynomial Moment Constraints

Lance Fiondella; Panlop Zeephongsekul


Reliability Modeling and Prediction of Systems with Mixture of Units

E. A. Elsayed; Yao Cheng


Automobile Reliability Evaluation Based on Dynamic Performance Degradation Data

Xinlei Yang; Wenjin Zhang


A Generalized Weibull CDF

D. Gary Harlow


Study on Product Maintenance Support Capability Evaluation Based on Cloud Theory

Yu-quan Wang; Chao-shuai Han; Dan Xu


Bias Analysis of Apportionment Methods by a Computer Simulation

Sumachaya Harnsukworapanich; Tetsuo Ichimori


Hydraulic System Contaminate Performance Simulation and Optimization Design

Jin Yong Yao; Jiao Li; Kun Zhang; Xiang FenWang


A New RULA Method Based on Muscle Fatigue Model

Jiayu Chen; Dong Zhou; Di Peng; ZhiqiGuo; Chuan Lv


Effects of Steel-Concrete Interface Defects on Corrosion Cracking in Chloride Environment

Ruijin Zhang; Yongfa Xia; Liyang Xie


Development of Framework for Maintenance Management in Healthcare Industry in Saudi Arabia

Hesham Alzaben; Lai Eugene; Chris McCollin


Reliability Analysis Method for Complex Mechanism System Based on Bayesian Network and Hybrid Uncertainty

Pidong Wang; Jianguo Zhang; Yue Lu; YuqiangLiu


Gear Integrated Prognosis Considering Crack Initiation Time Uncertainty

Fuqiong Zhao; Zhigang Tian


An Interactive Modeling Approach for Immersion Virtual Maintenance Based on Hand Interaction Features

Di Peng; Chuan Lv; Jiayu Chen; ZhiqiGuo; Dong Zhou


Optimum Life Testing Plans under Progressive Censoring

Ritwik Bhattacharya; Biswabrata Pradhan; Anup Dewanji


A Cost Model of an Opportunistic Maintenance Policy on k-out-of-n Surveillance Systems Considering Two Stochastic Processes

Yao Zhang; Hoang Pham


Human Reliability Analysis for the Design of Vehicle Interior

Hong Wang; Ningning Zhang; Qingwen Yu