Reliability &
Quality in Design
RQD 2019


Study on Fatigue Property of the Overlap Weldments in the Vehicle Frame

                Shuo Weng; Da-Ang Li; Chun-Xiang Ren; Li-Hui Zhao; Song-Lin Zheng


Optimization of a PM Model for a Hybrid Power System

                Chun-Ho Wang; Chao-Hui Huang


Fatigue Life Distribution Estimation

                D. Gary Harlow


A Novel Algorithm with Heuristic Rules to Lower Boundary Points Generation for Network Reliability Evaluation

                Ding-Hsiang Huang; Cheng-Fu Huang; Yi-Kuei Lin


A Way from Adjacency Matrix to Linked Path Structure

                Shin-Guang Chen


Reliability for a Stochastic Flow Computer Network subject to Time Constraint and Correlated Failures

                Ping-Chen Chang; Yi-Kuei Lin; Ding-Hsiang Huang


Workers’ Availability Definition through the Energy Expenditure Evaluation

                Serena Finco; Ilenia Zennaro; Daria Battini; Alessandro Persona


A DD-SHELL HF Model for Bus Accident

                Kelvin K.F. Po; Eric T.T. Wong


Estimation of Balance-ability on Healthy Subjects Using Postural Stability Index

                Nurul Retno Nurwulan; Bernard C. Jiang; Vera Novak


Human Error in Aviation Maintenance: An Investigative Study

                B.S. Dhillon


Optimal Monitoring Policy for a Server System Considering Signature Update

                Mitsuhiro Imaizumi; Mitsutaka Kimura


Optimal Structure of Computing-Nodes with Limited Number

                Kenichiro Naruse; Kazunori Iwata; Toshio Nakagawa


Optimal Maintenance Models of Social Infrastructures Considering Natural Disasters

                Takumi Kishida; Kodo Ito; Yoshiyuki Higuchi; Toshio Nakagawa


Reliability of Window Flow Control based on Packet Transmission Interval with ECN Considering Packet Loss

                Mitsutaka Kimura; Mitsuhiro Imaizumi; Toshio Nakagawa


The Evaluation and Improvement Methods for Robotic Arms by Using Key Precision Gears of Manufacturing Process

                Ching-Te Wang; Ching-Hsin Wang; Cheng-Yi Chang; Jen-Huang Tu


System Reliability Modeling of Hardware, Software, and Interactions of Hardware and Software

                Mengmeng Zhu; Hoang Pham


Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Systems with Deterministic Degradation Using a Meta-Model of the System Reliability

                Gordon J. Savage; Young Kap Son


A Decision-Making Approach to Selecting Supplier Based on the Quality Evaluation of Process

                Kuen-Suan Chen; Chiao-Tzu Huang; Tsang-Chuan Chang


Intuitionistic TYPE II Fuzzy Inference System-Based Approach to Prioritize Failures in Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

                Yu-Ming Lu; Kuo-Ping Lin; Ching-Hsin Wang


Fuzzy Testing for Lifetime Performance Index of Products with Exponential Distribution

                Kuen-Suan Chen; Tsang-Chuan Chang


Reliability Properties of Hierarchical Redundant Systems

                Kodo Ito; Shigeshi Yamashita; Toshio Nakagawa


Independent Damage Models with Failure Level Declined by Heavy Damage

                Satoshi Mizutani; Xufeng Zhao; Toshio Nakagawa


Replacement Models with Non-replacement Intervals

                Xufeng Zhao; Satoshi Mizutani; Toshio Nakagawa


Age Replacement Models with First, Last and Middle Policies

                Mingchih Chen; Xufeng Zhao; Toshio Nakagawa


Reliability for Systems with Simultaneous Failure on Consecutive Components

                Tetsushi Yuge


Improvement Ideas of GA-Based Algorithm for Obtaining Quasi-Pareto Solution of Bi-Objective Networks

                Natsumi Takahashi; Tomoaki Akiba; Hisashi Yamamoto


Flexible Jump Diffusion Process Modeling for Open Source Project Assessment

                Shigeru Yamada; Yoshinobu Tamura


Software Reliability Assessment with Multiple Change-Point Occurrence and Imperfect Debugging Environment

                Shinji Inoue; Shigeru Yamada


Universal Form of Bivariate Reliability Functions

                Jerzy K. Filus; Lidia Z. Filus


Clustering Based on Data Envelopment Analysis: Application to Management Research and Practice

                Valentina Kuskova; Dmitry Zaytsev


Reliability Improvement Analysis using Fractional Failure

                Mingxiao Jiang; Feng-Bin Sun


Improving Software Quality by New Computational Intelligence Approaches

                Florin Popentiu-Vladicescu; Grigore Albeanu; Henrik Madsen


A Study on the NHPP Software Reliability Model with the Weibull Fault Detection Rate in the Operating Environments using the Exponential Distribution

                Kwang Yoon Song; In Hong Chang; Hoang Pham


Towards Automated, End-to-End Software Defect Prediction

                Rashid Mijumbi; Kazuhira Okumoto; Abhaya Asthana


Implementation of Imperfect Inspection by Considering System Structure

                Takashi Satow


An Optimal Road Maintenance by Markov Process with Increase of Road Data

                Yuta Kikuchi; Junji Koyanagi


Several Properties of an Optimal Maintenance Policy for a Semi-Markovian Deteriorating System with Major Minor Failures

                Nobuyuki Tamura


Optimum Backup Policies with Duplicated Data

                Syouji Nakamura; Xufeng Zhao; Miwako Arafuka


Accelerated Life Testing Models for an Acrylic-Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives in Consumer Electronics Applications

                Victoria C. Robles; Swanand Vaidya


Forecasting Demand of Aircraft Oxygen Cylinder

                Chun Yuen Cheung; Ho Yin Alvin Chow; T. T. Eric Wong


Warranty Policy for Repairable Items with Repair Service and Refund Based on Lemon Law

                Minjae Park; Ki Mun Jung; Dong Ho Park


Model Selection Methods for Reliability Assessment Based on Interval-Censored Field Failure Samples

                Tzong-Ru Tsai; Sih-Hua Wu; Yan Shen


SIF calculation of Car Body Based on Sub-model Method

                Ruijin Zhang; Shaodong Wei; Shuo Zhao; Haichao Tang


Developing Alert Level for Aircraft Components

                Wai Yeung Man; T.T. Eric Wong


Step-down Approach for Wavelet Thresholding

                Munwon Lim; Byeong Min Mun; Suk Joo Bae


Reliability Assessment for Stress Relaxation Considering Heteroscedasticity among Accelerating Levels

                Xinlei Wen; Huimin Fu; Zhihua Wang


Efficient Marketing Strategy: Application of Data Envelopment Analysis as an Optimization Tool

                Dmitry Zaytsev; Valentina Kuskova


Semiconductor Process Variation Analysis using Implicit Differentiation Chain Rule

                Tongdan Jin; Qiyu Huang; Xiulan Cheng; Yisha Xiang


Automatic Squid Fishing Machine

                Ho Yin Alvin Chow; Eric T. T. Wong


Fatigue Fixture Design and Structure Simulation Analysis for Side Beams of High-speed Train

                Wenxue Qian; Shuai Song; Ying Zhang; Xiaowei Yin; Liyang Xie


Fatigue Reliability Analysis on TC4 Blade Based on Stress Strength Interference Model

                Changlu Wang; Long Wu; Fei Li; Yaping Zhang; Hao Gao; Yanzhong Wang


Fatigue Reliability Analysis of Drive Axle Housing under the Bench Test Loading

                Lei Wang; Jia Li; Lian Duan; Jian Gu; Liyang Xie


An Approach to Estimate the Location Parameter of Weibull Distributed Product Life Based on Simulated Big Data

                Liyang Xie; Chenggang Li; Ningxiang Wu


Pyramidal Distribution and Up-Side-Down Pyramidal Distribution

                Zhenmin Chen


A New Fitting Method for Probabilistic Stress-Life (P-S-N) Curve with Three Parameter Weibull Distribution

                Ningxiang Wu; Liyang Xie


The Compound Class of Weibull Power Series for Reliability Application

                Minjae Park; Hoang Pham