Open Source Project Evaluation Methodology Considering OSS- Oriented EVM and Number of Potential Faults  
Author Hironobu Sone


Co-Author(s) Yoshinobu Tamura; Shigeru Yamada


Abstract This paper focuses on a method for measuring the cost of fixing faults in the open source projects. The OSSoriented EVMs proposed in the past allow us to predict EVM indices not only for the present but also for the future. However, we cannot predict the costs required to fix most of the faults by using the method. Therefore, we focus on the transition probability distribution of the number of fixed faults. By comparing the transition probability distributions with the EVM indices, we can estimate the required cost to fix most of the faults. Moreover, several numerical illustrations based on the proposed model are shown in this paper.


Keywords Open source project, Stochastic differential equation, Earned value management
    Article #:  RQD28-270

Proceedings of 28th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability & Quality in Design
August 3-5, 2023