Backward Replacement Policies with Random Working Cycles  
Author Hong S. Feng


Co-Author(s) Mingchih Chen; Xufeng Zhao


Abstract The purpose of this paper, from the practical viewpoint of preventive maintenance, is to investigate the backward replacement policies for an operating equipment works for successive jobs with random working times. First, the equipment is replaced before failure at the last completion of some random working cycles before a planned time T, which is called backward replacment. The expected cost rate is obtained and the optimal policies is discussed analytically and numerically. Next, integrated models of the time T and random working cycle N are studied using the modeling approaches of replacement first and last in maintenance theory. When both replacement costs for time T and cycle N are the same, it is analytically shown that backward replacement is better than random replacement.


Keywords Random replacement, advanced replacement, Random working cycle
    Article #:  RQD28-332

Proceedings of 28th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability & Quality in Design
August 3-5, 2023