Combinatorial Algorithm of Wordlength Pattern for Two-level Fractional Factorial Designs  
Author Jen-der Day




Abstract A wordlength pattern (WLP) is used to determine the resolution or minimum aberration for choosing a good fractional factorial 2k-p design. Based on the aliased structure between left-right half parts for the two-level geometrical designs, the proposed combinatorial algorithm of WLP can be applied to all lengths of word and to the general cases of two-level fractional factorial designs. This algorithm is useful particularly for saturated right-half designs since the closed form formulae and recursive property are involved. Besides, it can be easily extended to the cases of large scale designs.


Keywords Geometrical Design, Hadamard matrix, Wordlength pattern, Resolution, Minimum Aberration
    Article #:  21124
Proceedings of the 21st ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design
August 6-8, 2015 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvia, U.S.A.