Approximation of Inspection Threshold for Multi-Component System  
Author Takashi Satow




Abstract Inspection threshold is one of important methods to reduce opportunities of misjudgement by imperfect inspection. Based on the Basian theory, the threshold is defined as the boundary between inspection and noninspection. However, formulation of the true threshold is difficult under a general complex system. This paper proposes approximation methods to derive the inspection threshold of the general system. Structure functions, minimal path and cut sets are used for the approximation. Finally, numerical examples for 2-outof-3 system are given.


Keywords Inspection threshold, sensitivity, specificity, minimal path set, minimal cut set, Structure function
    Article #:  1935
Proceedings of the 19th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design
August 5-7, 2013 - Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.