Design and Implementation of Software for Torque Monitoring of Rolling Mill Spindle  
Author Ruijin Zhang


Co-Author(s) Youzhi Pei; Baoxu Li; Qingzhe Wei


Abstract As the key part in the rolling mill, the main drive spindle is subjected to the varied torque under service conditions. The real-time online monitoring on status of the main drive spindle is essential for ensuring the quality control and the safety of the equipment. Depending on the torque signal collected on-site by the sensors on the hot roughing mill spindle, a software was designed and developed for monitoring the running state of rolling mill and real-time calculate the fatigue damage in this paper. Rainflow counting algorithm was adopted to statistically analyze the random fatigue loads, and the nominal stress method was used to perform the fatigue analysis of the main drive spindle. Based on C + + and QT platform, the software was developed for Windows and Linux by using the multi-threading development technology, and it could realize simultaneous analysis and calculation for four spindles in a hot rolling production line.


Keywords On-site monitoring, Torque, Fatigue, Residual life
    Article #:  RQD27-21

Proceedings of 27th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability & Quality in Design
Virtual Event

August 4-6, 2022