Replacement Models with Non-replacement Intervals  
Author Xufeng Zhao


Co-Author(s) Satoshi Mizutani; Toshio Nakagawa


Abstract When a unit serves as a hot spare for a key unit in a working system, we always hope the spare unit could be active at the time when the key unit fails or is stopped for maintenance to provide system reliability. That is, the factors of reliability and non-replacement intervals should be consid- ered into maintenance plans for the above hot spare. From this viewpoint, this paper discusses age replacement policies with non-replacement intervals. We rstly give a standard replace- ment policy that is extended from age replacement model, and then discuss the policies of replacement rst and last for pos- sible replacement alternatives. Optimum replacement times and non-replacement intervals are obtained analytically. Final- ly, the numerical examples are illustrated when the arrival of non-replacement interval follows a Gamma distribution.


Keywords Age replacement, replacement last, working system, hot spare, failure rate
    Article #:  RQD25-107
Proceedings of 25th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability & Quality in Design
August 1-3, 2019 - Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A.